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DecorPro Products

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Looking for unique, beautiful and affordable fireburners, torches and fire pits for your home or garden? Indulge yourself with DecorPro’s premium fire products! These elegant centerpieces combine modern artistic design and the natural beauty of radiant flames that bring excitement to any living area.

DecorPro is a brand that brings innovative Canadian made products for the home and garden. Since 2009, the company has developed a huge line of premium indoor and outdoor lighting and fire décor. Their mission: provide innovative, aesthetically appealing and green products at a friendly price.

DecoPro fireburners, torches and fire pits are proudly made in Canada! They are made with top-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. With the help of Develpro, Inc., the company has been a leader in creative product development and engineering solutions. Their approach has led them to develop such beautiful lighting and fire décor with unique designs and functionalities.

Aside from unique designs, DecorPro has developed eco-friendly solutions to power their products. DecorPro uses a unique, new type of fuel for some of its products: Aqua Flame. This fuel produces 90% less CO2 than the average direct vent gas fireplace. The flames have the qualities of an actual fire, without the fire. Unlike in typical fireplaces, Aqua Flame is fire that you can touch, without getting burned.

DecorPro products are available throughout North America. See our collection and learn more about our special price offers here at Home Alley!