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Bio-Blaze - Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

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Traditional fireplaces come with many disadvantages and bio-ethanol fireplaces are the clean and green alternative for your home.

Bio-ethanol is a renewable source of energy from the fermentation of sugars. These sugars are derived from plants like corn, wheat and sugar cane. Fermentation is a natural process involving enzyme digestion of microorganisms that release sugars from stored starches. 

Unlike energy derived from fossil fuels, bio-ethanol is clean and made of biological products. As a result, the combustion of this type of energy emits clean air. You’ll enjoy the same heat without the toxic fumes!

Bio-Blaze offers a wide array of beautifully designed, energy-efficient and environment-friendly bio-ethanol fireplaces. Their team is committed to providing innovative, safe and sustainable products. Bio-Blaze works non-stop in their field, gathering new ideas and developing new technologies for their clients.

Bio-Blaze fireplaces are flue-less and can easily be installed in any part of your home! It is environment-friendly because there are no harmful emissions or soot. Plus, it is energy efficient, as the heat generated by bio-ethanol combustion stays in the room. There’s no need to put more wood to keep the fire burning!

We offer these elegant bio-ethanol fireplaces at a great price.