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Home Alley Electric Fireplaces

We offer a wide array of electric fireplaces, which are available as all-in-one units. These units can be recessed or wall mounts that can be attached with included brackets.

Our electric fireplaces vary in width, from 20 to 134 inches, and some models are customizable widths.

BTU output ranges from 5,000-9,999 and can heat a room with a 400-500 sq. ft. area. Our product line features realistic flames that also produce adequate heat.

Each unit is made of premium powder coated or stainless steel with black, white, red and stainless finish. Glass panels can also be added for a more stylish, sophisticated look. The glass panels are made of tempered, heat-resistant glass. All models are vent-free that allows heat to emit safely.

Electric fireplaces are easy to use, as you can conveniently plug it into any 120-volt outlet. Unlike gas and bio-ethanol fireplaces, there’s no need to handle flammable material or put wood to maintain heat. You don’t need to call maintenance, since there’s no ash!

With a touch of a remote control, you can easily turn it on and off, change the heat and flame settings and set its time of use from 30 minutes to 7-8 hours. An electric fireplace produces realistic flames, and you can also change its vibrant colors from a warm yellow or orange to a relaxing blue or purple.

Apart from its functions and safety features, our electric fireplace comes with different contemporary and modern designs to choose from! You can also choose either an indoor or outdoor electric fireplace.

Our electric fireplaces are a perfect addition to your home, apartment or office. Even if they are turned off, they will certainly liven up your living area!

Electric Fireplaces

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