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Home Alley offers a wide range of bio-ethanol fireplaces for you. The bio-ethanol fireplace wall mounts are installed with included brackets, while the free standing units can be moved from room to room, whether indoors or outdoors. We also have bio-ethanol table top fireplaces that can be placed on desks, counters or patio garden tables.

Bio-ethanol is a renewable source of energy that is fermented from sugars. This clean source of energy is derived from plants like corn, wheat and sugar cane. Fermentation is a natural process involving enzyme digestion of microorganisms that release sugars from stored starches. 

Unlike energy derived from gas or wood, bio-ethanol is clean and made of biological products. As a result, the combustion of this type of energy emits clean air. BTU output ranges from 5,000 to 9,999, and can adequately heat an area of 1730 cu. ft. You’ll enjoy the same heat without the toxic fumes!

Wall mount fireplaces have widths ranging from 20 to 59 inches, while the free standing and table top fireplaces come with smaller widths. Material is made from premium powder coated and stainless steel and the wall mount models have protective tempered glass panels.

Bio-ethanol fireplaces are safe as long as you use it according to instructions. You can light it using a long lighter or match. They are flue-less, and unlike traditional fireplaces with chimneys, you don’t have to worry about cleaning burnt wood and soot. These units are also energy-efficient, as heat accumulates in the room without adding more fuel.

Apart from its functional and safety features, our bio-ethanol fireplaces come in various elegant modern and contemporary designs that create accent to your room or patio! Even when they are not used, they come as beautiful centerpieces.

Bio-ethanol Fireplaces

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