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60 Inch Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Ideas 0

For most homes, a 60 in electric fireplace can do a lot to make an accent to any type of wall. And its size is just right. Here are 4 gorgeous 60 inch wall mount electric fireplace ideas that you can use. Touchstone Sideline 60" Recessed Electric Fireplace The Touchstone Sideline 60 inch can truly brighten up the dullest of rooms. This electric indoor fireplace hangs like a large flatscreen...
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Fireplace Living Room Décor Ideas 0

A fireplace is more than a structure to hold a fire. Take a look at these fireplace living room décor ideas and see how they give a sense of relaxation and ambiance to your home This fireplace living room décor by Kelley Nan shows that “less is more” and natural elements are everything. Apart from the fireplace, this two-story living room features Nottaway hickory hardwood floors, big windows, and blue...
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Zero Clearance Fireplace Inserts For A Great Home Renovation 0

Zero clearance fireplace inserts are a great addition to any home renovation These types of fire products are pre-made and can be placed against combustible materials like wood, wall, or paneling. A zero clearance electric fireplace doesn’t need a buffer zone and being zero clearance makes it fit into much smaller openings. It doesn’t need a hearth in order to function properly. These types of fireplace come in different sizes...
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Awesome 50 Inch Recessed Electric Fireplace Designs for Your Home Makeover 0

Looking for bright ideas for your home makeover? Consider buying a 50 inch recessed electric fireplace These types of fireplace are preferred by most home makers, simply because their size is just right for most wall dimensions. There are a lot of 50 inch electric fireplace designs to choose from, and each brand has a distinct, beautiful feature. An electric fireplace is also not just a piece of furniture –...
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Beautiful Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces by DecorPro 0

If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful fireplace, fire burner, and fire pit that care for our world, check out these outdoor ethanol fireplaces from DecorPro Decorpro is a new company to North American market that makes unique and beautiful, eco-friendly fire products for the home and garden. Their line of top-quality outdoor ethanol fireplaces, fire burners and fire pits are made only in Canada, and features some of...
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Creative Fire Pit Designs 0

What’s better than gathering family and friends around a warm fire pit? When nights get a bit chilly, a beautiful fire pit is your best outdoor companion. Here are 7 creative fire pit designs that you can easily put in your backyard. First off on our list of easy backyard fire pit ideas is a layout using gravel. Epic Land Design shows that this is an easy and cost-effective way...
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